Farmfolly needs time to harvest, infuse and re-energise. The online store will be closed till the 10th Feburary 2024 but we will be working hard to ensure our beautiful products are still available at our amazing stockists and select markets, keep an eye on our Instagram page for details.

Zinc Stick - Vanilla and Kawakawa

Zinc Stick - Vanilla and Kawakawa

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Smell amazing while nourishing & protecting your skin from the sun. 🌞

farmfolly zinc sticks have been created to nourish and protect the most sensitive skin. The dream cream sits on top of your skin and creates a physical barrier from harmful UV rays.

Suitable for babies and animals too.

How to use: Smooth zinc evenly onto exposed skin. Re-apply regularly. Store in a cool place.

100% biodegradable packaging. You may need to warm the push-up tube in the palm of your hand before use. When finished the cardboard tube can be composted or buried in the garden or even used again :).

Ingredients: Zinc, vanilla infused oils of (beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter) almond oil infused with foraged kawakawa.

Size: 60g