Farmfolly needs time to harvest, infuse and re-energise. The online store will be closed till the 10th Feburary 2024 but we will be working hard to ensure our beautiful products are still available at our amazing stockists and select markets, keep an eye on our Instagram page for details.


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"Just wanted to say that I love the 
natural deodorants.
I have suffered from hyperhydrosis
(excessive sweeting)
all my life and have tried a lot of
different things to reduce the sweating.
I find these deodorants have such a lovely
smell (my mum even asked me what I had on
that smelt so good) and it has reduced my
underarm sweating without having to use
aluminium deodorants. The deodorant also
lasts a long time!
Highly recommend to other people!"
Emily, July 2021
"You have revolutionised my life. I use to get eczema on my face, especially when I was stressed. Since using this face soap my skin has been great and I haven't had eczema once." - Thomas, 2021.
"Just wanted to say that I love love love my Grove deodorant stick... See ya spray on 👋🏻💛" Lotte
"I absolutely love your stuff
Thankyou so much ❤️" AP

 "I just wanted to give your zinc stick a 5 star review. Its amazing and smells delicous. It leaves my skin so soft and its easy to apply on my busy little kids who dont enjoy sitting still! Thanks so much farmfolly this will be our go to sunscreen from now on" - Megan


"Absolutely love your products. Your soap has made my skin feel amazing, younger and softer and with it you have the pleasure of the senses of smell, - real mind body and soul in a small package. Thank you so so much."
- a regular shopper (farmfolly soap).
"I gave the soap to my sister for Xmas she's been using it for 3 days now and the difference in her skin is like a miracle no exaggeration.  She is so thankful because she can use her fingers without the skin splitting. If we could get some more that would be amazing and she thanks you from the bottom of her heart your soap has done what 3 doctors and a specialist couldn't do . I will take what we can."
- a grateful sister

"I started using the Himalayan pink salt bar during chemo and it worked wonders on my dry "chemo rash" face and it cleared it up so fast and was so soothed and moisturized after. I then used her twinkle baby soap on my radiation skin and once again soothed and moisturised."
- an awe-inspiring customer
"I love farmfolly products. I used them before my wedding and my skin immediately felt so soft and healthy!! And to know I am putting natural products on my skin is a bonus. Thanks guys xx"
"Beautifully hand crafted soaps, they look and smell good enough to eat, it was hard to decided. A dream to deal with and super helpful.
Thanks again"
"I was trying not to use the soap coz they were too pretty to ruin.. But we ran out of our usual soap tonight so reluctantly opened my farmfolly soaps and omg they are amaazing!! I dont think we can go back to old soap now haha will have to buy more, we love it!"
"I have the shampoo bar and love it! I chose the peppermint scent which smells so lovely and feels refreshing. My first time with a shampoo bar and I really do think it’s amazing, my hair feels stronger as well and it lathers up just like normal shampoo, which I was unsure about before using it. I also have the deodorant bar, which works so well. It lasts for the entire day without having to re apply. And once again, smells good! I love that it’s in a beeswax wrap as well. Thanks so much"