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New solid moisturiser for your face and body. Find your JOY. Live it. Breath it. Wear it. Smile.

Big bars 100g they last ages. 100% moisturising.

✅no water
✅no nasties
✅100% natural products
✅blended with 5 uplifting essential oils
✅reusable (cool vintage print) beeswax wrap
✅no plastic, no glass
✅zero waste
✅homegrown flowers
✅available in vegan formula
✅available in the mini's (12g)

I'm so shocked with the current statistics and the amount of people I know who are depressed. It's made harder because we have been unable to reach out to them in person. I tend to find my JOY in the garden or kissing my kids. I think we need to refocus on ourselves right now and the small JOY's we love, protect it and enJOY it in that moment (even making a mental note of how it brings you JOY) and ride this weird wave out.

For this month I'm offering 20% off these bars. Giving is such an easy way of spreading JOY. Let's spread JOY and get back to who we are. The parcels come filled with flowers, a JOYful quote and I can personalise a gift tag if it's a gift for someone else (just PM me)

Im hoping everyone will join me on this giving mission (discounts, freebies, joyful pictures, anything let's tag and fill insta with joy ) #thejoyfulprojectnz

Code at check out THEJOYFULPROJECT

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