Vanilla (vegan)
Vanilla (vegan)
Vanilla (vegan)

Vanilla (vegan)

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Protect, nourish and heal with calendula infused olive oil.

Skin loving waxes form a barrier, sealing moisture in and preventing your skin from drying out. 

Calendula and shea butter soften skin while olive oil provides vitamins A and E for nourishment.

This long lasting bar is infused with natural vanilla oil so you can get rid of your perfume and smell amazing just through moisturising.

Directions for use: Solid moisturisers warm to our body heat so are best applied by rubbing the bar directly onto warm skin. Applying immediately after towel drying after a warm shower or bath helps to lock in the moisture your skin has absorbed, naturally plumping up your skin and soothing fine lines. 


Moisturiser: coconut oil, shea butter, behenyl behenate (plant derived hydrator), polyhydroxystearic acid (natural wax derived from castor oil), candelilla wax, olive oil infused with calendula, natural vanilla fragrance oil.

Wax wrap: washed cotton, candelilla wax, coconut oil, pine rosin, jojoba oil.


Wrap patterns will vary.