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Ginger Scrub
Ginger Scrub

Ginger Scrub

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 Filled with poppy seeds, clay and skin softening infusions.

 Poppy seeds and yellow clay provide exfoliation while rosemary infused olive oil deeply cleanses and heals. Shea butter and calendula soften and promote skin cell regeneration.

An essential oil blend of ginger and lemongrass provide skin loving antioxidants and a sweet gingery fragrance.

Avoid contact with eyes, it is a natural soap and will let your eyes know!

For a longer lasting lather, store me on a well-drained soap tray to dry between use.


Ingredients: saponified oils of: (coconut, olive infused with rosemary and calendula, shea butter, soya, castor), water, yellow clay, essential oils of ginger and lemongrass, poppy seeds.